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Regional e-Notes: June Letter from the Director

Jun 30, 2019


Following up on last month’s message about utilizing aquaculture to decrease pressure on wild fish populations—including marine aquarium species in need of conservation—I am happy to report that our ongoing projects are making good headway on this issue.

At the Oceanic Institute finfish hatchery, CTSA-funded research is helping to both establish and increase production of valuable marine finfish, including popular aquarium species such as yellow tang and coral grouper. The research group recently donated over a hundred coral grouper juveniles to aquariums across the country. Thirty of the fish are at the local Waikiki Aquarium, where they will become and important part of the aquarium’s aquaculture and educational outreach display.

Highlights and progress updates from these projects and others are included in this month’s issue of e-Notes. During this time of year, CTSA conducts our bi-annual project monitoring conference calls to ensure that our projects remain on track to complete objectives. These calls are a valuable part of our project monitoring, as they allow us to go beyond written reports and engage in lively discussions that often uncover important details. I am grateful to our industry and technical representatives for serving as project liaisons and participating in these important calls.

I am also grateful to our representatives for their participation in this week’s annual Industry Advisory Council and Technical Committee meeting. The meeting was held to discuss the pre-proposals CTSA received in response to our FY19 request. As I have expressed before, our dedicated stakeholders are an essential part of our program, as they work together with our administrative staff each year to ensure that CTSA remains on course to address important issues and needs in our region.

I look forward to the Plan of Work we will prepare together for FY 2019!

Cheng-Sheng Lee, Ph.D.
Executive Director, CTSA