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Regional e-Notes: March Letter from the Director

Mar 24, 2017


March 22 is World Water Day, a day to reflect on the importance of using our water resources wisely. As the world’s population grows, so does the need for sustainable food production. Water is an essential component to all methods of farming, particularly the production of animal protein for human consumption. Considering that aquaculture is arguably the most efficient way to use water to produce animal protein, my reflection on the situation is that our government should do more to support the sustainable development of the U.S. industry.

In celebration of another observance day earlier this month, International Women’s Day, CTSA accepted an invitation from the Asian Fisheries Society to participate in their new Gender in Aquaculture and Fisheries Section (GAFS). Since our inception in 1986, CTSA has taken an active role in promoting gender equality in the regional aquaculture industry. From supporting the research and extension efforts of groundbreaking female aquaculture scientists such as Dr. Maria Haws from the University of Hawaii at Hilo, to funding training in pearl jewelry making for community women in Pohnpei, our program is pleased to promote equitable and effective cooperation in issues related to gender in aquaculture. In addition, my only two CTSA staff members are women, and their work and dedication is important to the success and effective management of our program.

CTSA looks forward to collaborating with the GAFS work group to improve opportunities for women in aquaculture in the Pacific region and beyond. I encourage our regional stakeholders to share input for us to include in the discussion.


Cheng-Sheng Lee, Ph.D.
Executive Director, CTSA