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Regional e-Notes: May Letter from the Director

May 25, 2017


Earlier this month, CTSA released our FY 2017 Request for Pre-Proposals via our website and through other distribution channels. I would like to take this opportunity to express my appreciation to our stakeholders who provided input on priority areas for regional aquaculture research and development.

I ask our readers to please share the announcement with anyone who may be interested in submitting a project idea. We also welcome and encourage suggestions from those outside of aquaculture who have technology that may benefit our industry. With growing concerns about the health of the ocean, we need to work together to employ innovative approaches to securing our future seafood supply.

On a similar note, I just returned from a volunteer assignment in Myanmar, where I had the pleasure of communicating with local farmers. I was pleased to see farmers, researchers and the government working together to efficiently utilize the country’s available resources and leverage support from USAID (through Winrock International) to make positive impacts to food security and the economy. Considering the abundant resources we have in the Pacific Islands, there is no excuse for the paucity of aquaculture development in the region. It is my hope that CTSA can collaborate with a broad spectrum of stakeholders to invest in the growth of our industry and meet the challenges of regional food and economic security head on. I look forward to seeing your ideas for our FY17 development process.


Cheng-Sheng Lee, Ph.D.
Executive Director, CTSA