Project Details

Adapting Aquaponics Systems for Use in the Pacific Islands, Years 1 and 2

July 1, 2009

LocationFundingInstitutionPrincipal Investigator(s)
Hawaii $68,024 University of Hawaii at Manoa Kent Kobayashi, Ph.D., Harry Ako, Ph.D.
    Year 1
  1. Test the efficacy of the air breathers’ Chinese catfish Clarias fuscus and Asian snakehead Channa sp. for aquaponics in Hawaii. Use of air breathers could obviate the need for aeration and further simplify our aquaponics system. A downside of low dissolved oxygen could be enhanced denitrification. The issue of denitrification will also be addressed for Pacific Island systems using tilapia.
  2. Determine the nutrient profile of fish water generated by metabolism of a locally produced feed and determine the need for supplementation of this feed.
  3. Develop a planting and harvest scheme that will allow constant marketing of product. Complete a manual describing the construction, start up, and operation of the new aquaponics system.
  4. Take materials to a client in the Pacific and build a system. Train farmers and local extension staff to build and operate the system. Demonstrate the operation of the system onsite and work with the farmers to make sales arrangements with a local customer.
  5. Year 2
  6. Conduct research in Hawaii that will refine the system for the Pacific Island client and/or expand the system to produce other desirable hydroponics vegetables.
  7. Make a site visit to extend this technology, and possibly assist other farmers to establish an aquaponics system.
  8. Work with any interested fish farms in Hawaii to integrate hydroponics into their current production scheme, or agriculture farms interested in expanding into fish or reducing fertilizer costs..