Project Details

An Aquaculture Resource Manual for Hawaii and the American Affiliated Pacific Islands

July 1, 1988

LocationFundingInstitutionPrincipal Investigator(s)
Hawaii $34,855 University of Hawaii Sea Grant Extension Service B. Miller, H. Takata, and P. Olin
  1. The production of a regional catalogue and directory for aquaculture supplies, services, and information is intended to meet the following objectives:
  2. Enhance communications between producers, buyers, information specialists, and other professionals in the aquaculture industry within the widely diverse and isolated states of the USDA Center for Tropical and Subtropical geographic region.
  3. Meet practical information requirements of a start-up and working aquaculturists in a consolidated, consistent, and useful format consistent with the time demands on most farmers.
  4. Serve regional development planners as a supply side/commercial infrastructure assessment of each island state.
  5. Serve growth of private industry as an educational catalogue in itself, and stimulate production ideas, business opportunities, and creative entrepreneurship.
  6. Serve as a tool for extension personnel to more efficiently serve their operating private sector clients, saving the time and effort currently involved in providing routine information to entry level questions.