Project Details

Aquaculture Effluent Discharge Program, Year 02

July 1, 1988

LocationFundingInstitutionPrincipal Investigator(s)
Hawaii $48,000.00 Oceanic Institute, University of Hawaii Sea Grant Extension Service, and University of Hawaii at Manoa G.D. Pruder, D.A. Ziemann, B. Miller, and J.K. Wang

Project I. Characterization of Aquaculture Effluent and Environmental Impact Assessment for Effluent from Hawaiian Aquaculture Ponds

  1. Assist and participate in the ADP/SG workshop scheduled for September 1989.
  2. Provide feedback to Project II concerning the potential environmental impact of aquaculture effluent as modified through control of inputs and operational methodologies or through conventional or non-conventional treatments.
  3. Prepare revisions of the project final report as appropriate for inclusion as a chapter in the reference book being prepared in Project II.

Project II: Effluent Treatment Process

Identify, characterize, quantify, and exploit opportunities inherent in aquacultural systems to improve effluent quality through control and manipulation of inputs and operational methodology

Project III: Education and Regulation Modification

This project has the singular objective of fostering a dialogue between aquaculturists, public regulators, and policy makers leading toward increased understanding and consideration of environmental regulations governing aquaculture effluent discharges into receiving waters.