Project Details

Aquaculture Effluent Discharge Program, Year 03

July 1, 1989

LocationFundingInstitutionPrincipal Investigator(s)
Hawaii $127,000 Oceanic Institute G.D. Pruder and D.A. Ziemann

Project I: Zones of Mixing: Technical Review and Cost Analysis

Establish a set of uniform requirements for the establishment of Zones of Mixing and monitoring programs for aquaculture effluent discharges.

Project II: Aquaculture Alternatives to Coastal Water Discharge: Technical Review and Cost Analysis

Identify the technical potential and projected cost of various approaches to eliminate the discharge of aquaculture effluent into public coastal waters.

Project III: Commercial Aquaculture Zones and Environmental Impact Assessment and Monitoring

  1. Expedite revision of Hawaii State effluent discharge regulations as applied to aquaculture facilities, in order to foster expansion of aquaculture while protecting coastal water quality.
  2. Establish the value of and necessity for publicly funded environmental monitoring and impact assessment.