Project Details

Aquaculture Effluent Discharge Program, Year 04

July 1, 1990

LocationFundingInstitutionPrincipal Investigator(s)
Hawaii $64,100 Oceanic Institute G.D. Pruder and D.A. Ziemann

Project I: Aquaculture Recycled Seawater: Characterization and Utilization

  1. Complete the characterization of the aquaculture recycled seawater quality, and describe the results in publications for technical and non-technical readers.
  2. Examine the potential of aquaculture recycled seawater as a nutrient source for environmental enhancement.

Project II: Effects of Aquaculture Effluent on Environmental Quality and Associated Recreational Activities

  1. Organize a cooperative effort involving other regional aquaculture centers.
  2. Document the effects of aquaculture effluent on environmental quality and associated recreational activities. This documentation will be presented in support of efforts to develop responsible and sophisticated effluent discharge regulations.

Collect, analyze, and report information essential to developing responsible and sophisticated aquacultural effluent discharge regulations.