Project Details

Aquaculture Effluent Discharge Program, Year 05

July 1, 1991

LocationFundingInstitutionPrincipal Investigator(s)
Hawaii $65,000 Oceanic Institute G.D. Pruder and D.A. Ziemann

Project I: Develop an Effective Approach to State Legislators, and Develop and Provide Model Public Aquaculture Permitting and Regulatory Policies

Establish contact with legislators, and enlist interest and participation in the project; develop a work plan, deliver to state legislators the comprehensive report and analysis prepared in Project 2, below, and produce and deliver to state legislators an analysis of regulatory alternatives for Hawaii and model public policies on governmental permitting and regulatory requirements affecting Hawaii aquaculture operations.

Project II: Document and Analyze Existing Information Regarding Aquaculture Effluent Discharge in Hawaii that Reflects Public Interest in the Environment and Aquaculture

  1. Conduct a preliminary review and analysis of historical Hawaiian practices for inclusion in the comprehensive report.
  2. Compile and edit existing information on aquaculture effluent discharge in Hawaii for inclusion in the comprehensive report.
  3. Analyze information and complete a comprehensive document reflecting public interest in developing the aquaculture industry in Hawaii.

Project III: Quantitative Documentation of Enhanced Grow-out of Desirable Animal Species

Carry out experiment on the grow-out of various animal species, and report analysis of results.