Project Details

Aquaculture Extension and Training Support for the U.S.-Affiliated Pacific Islands, Year 13

July 1, 2000

LocationFundingInstitutionPrincipal Investigator(s)
Federated States of Micronesia $114,300 College of Micronesia S. Ellis, D. Croft, G. Muckenhaupt
  • Objective 1. Extension support and technical assistance.
  • Objective 1a. Develop and demonstrate pearl oyster hatchery and nursery technology in Pohnpei. Simon Ellis is co-PI on another CTSA funded project titled “Black Pearl Culture in the Pacific – Year 1”.
  • Objective 1b. Train and provide extension support for newly hired Land Grant extension agents.
  • Objective 1c. Continue to provide training, technology transfer and extension services to existing and newly established aquaculture projects.
  • Objective 1d. Continue to provide extension services in sponge farming to local farmers in Pohnpei. Current farms will be expanded and new farms established.
  • Objective 1e. Expansion and long-term maintenance of dedicated nursery farms at MERIP in order to stabilize broodstock supply for farmers and to reduce pressure on wild stocks.
  • Objective 2. Regional coordination and project administration.
  • Objective 2a. Improve aquaculture coordination and information dissemination on a regional basis through the publication of a quarterly newsletter that will be disseminated via email and postal services.
  • Objective 2b. Coordination and administration of active CTSA projects in the region. This years project includes various internal (sponge and CNMI permitting work) and external (pearl work) CTSA funded components that will require constant communication with personnel involved and administration duties such as ensuring co-PI compliance with reporting and technical assistance with the work.
  • Objective 3. Technology transfer
  • Objective 3a. Transfer wool sponge farming technology more effectively by shooting the footage for, and assembling a video on the subject.
  • Objective 3b. Determine and document, permitting regulations related to aquaculture development in the CNMI. Publish a CTSA Aquafarmer information sheet detailing permitting requirements and procedures for the CNMI.
  • Objective 4. Information collection and dissemination
  • Objective 4a. Continue to disseminate information on all aquaculture topics to the entire region. Rapid dissemination of relevant information on regionally appropriate culture species is an extremely important function of this program.