Project Details

Aquaculture Extension and Training Support in the U.S.-Affiliated Pacific Islands, Year 14

July 1, 2001

LocationFundingInstitutionPrincipal Investigator(s)
American Samoa $70,000 College of the Marshall Islands R. Dybdahl

Assist the development of an economically sustainable aquaculture industry in the U.S.-affiliated Pacific islands.

  1. Establish and implement protocols for spawning and rearing sufficient number of pearl oyster spat per year for research, extension, demonstration and evaluation.
  2. Provide training to local people (Marshallese and other Micronesians) on all aspects of the pearl industry from spat production to establishment of farms.
  3. Design and conduct practical research on hatchery production of spat and farm growout technologies in collaboration with other scientists from local and regional institutions.
  4. Assist and advise in hatchery designs and construction.
  5. Initiate and maintain algal cultures. Supervise and train at least five local hatchery staff to be able to independently perform all required activities.
  6. Perform other related duties as may be needed and appropriate as may be determined by the Center for Tropical and Subtropical Aquaculture or College of the Marshall Islands.


Final Report