Project Details

Aquaculture Information Service for the Pacific Region, FY 2014

August 1, 2014

LocationFundingInstitutionPrincipal Investigator(s)
Hawaii $46,270 Oceanic Institute Cheng-Sheng Lee, Ph.D.

Overall Project Goal

The overall goal of this project is to promote the dissemination of relevant aquaculture information within the Pacific aquaculture community.


1. Inform industry members, researchers, educators, and other key individuals of pertinent aquaculture information, and update them on the status of regional aquaculture through
various media.
2. Inform the aquaculture community and interested parties of the progress of CTSA and other Regional Aquaculture Center (RAC) projects in relation to our mission through the dissemination of our own and other publications.
3. Conduct literature search services for the regional aquaculture community.