Project Details

Commercial Feasibility of Giant Clam Mariculture in American Samoa, Year 01

July 1, 1988

LocationFundingInstitutionPrincipal Investigator(s)
American Samoa $17,300 American Samoa Department of Marine and Wildlife Resources B. Ponwith, L.A.J. Bell, and P. Gaisoa
  1. Obtain training in the techniques of spawning and culture of giant clams for appropriate DMWR personnel.
  3. Investigate domestic market potential for giant clams produced in American Samoa.
  5. Establish a demonstration giant clam culture station to be used for training, extension, and economic feasibility studies.
  7. Determine the optimum sites, species, and conditions for giant clam culture in American Samoa.
  9. Produce giant clam seed for sale to private sector individuals that have access to suitable sites for giant clam nurseries.
  11. Obtain and compile current information on the economic viability of giant clam mariculture in American Samoa.