Project Details

Commercial Feasibility of Giant Clam Mariculture in American Samoa, Year 03

July 1, 1990

LocationFundingInstitutionPrincipal Investigator(s)
American Samoa $20,000 American Samoa Department of Marine and Wildlife Resources L.A.J. Bell, P. Gaisoa, and B. Ponwith
  1. Maximize giant clam production from the hatchery to provide sufficient numbers of juveniles for extensive lagoon mariculture operations, with the view of providing background and extension training to potential operators.
  2. Conduct and evaluate giant clam lagoon mariculture operations on different reef sites on the islands in conjunction with training potential farmers.
  3. Assess, on a small scale, the viability of the “hanging technique” for giant clam lagoon ranching.
  4. Establish an additional giant clam nursery for DMWR broodstock and seed clams.