Project Details

Development of Best Management Practices for Hawaiian Aquaculture

July 1, 1997

LocationFundingInstitutionPrincipal Investigator(s)
Hawaii $10,000 University of Hawaii Sea Grant Extension Service and Oceanic Institute R. Howerton and D. Ziemann
  1. Conduct a comprehensive literature review of best management practices currently in place and proposed best management practices for aquaculture systems and operations in the United States (e.g. trout, channel catfish, salmon).
  2. Review BMPs developed for other industries nationwide (beef, poultry, dairy, silviculture) and in Hawaii (sugar, pineapple) to determine how BMPs support and facilitate compliance with effluent discharge regulations.
  3. Evaluate documents generated through other Regional Aquaculture Centers concerning effluent discharge and best management practices for aquaculture.
  4. Examine international aquaculture best management practices and determine how these may apply to Hawaii aquaculture.
  5. Interact with USDA Farm Service Agency to outline BMP criteria for aquaculture farmers to follow, allowing them to be eligible for federal crop disaster assistance.
  6. The final result will be the development and distribution of one hundred copies of a practical manual outlining guidelines, recommendations and defining principles of Best Management Practices for Hawaiian Aquaculture. It is then anticipated that this manual can be used by Hawaii’s aquaculture farmers to comply with permit regulations and increase farm efficiency.