Project Details

Development of Threadfin and Milkfish Growout Technology and Production of Live Feeds, Year 02

April 1, 1997

LocationFundingInstitutionPrincipal Investigator(s)
Hawaii $109,934 Oceanic Institute and University of Hawaii at Hilo A. Ostrowski and K. Hopkins
  1. Develop a track record of threadfin growout success in Hawaii and refine growout techniques by providing a seasonal supply of seedstock and optimizing on-site growout densities.
  2. Develop more cost-effective means of milkfish production applicable to conditions in Hawaii by examining the feasibility of semi-intensive green water culture for fry production and by stocking younger fry into growout systems.
  3. Determine the effectiveness of milkfish as bait by conducting fishing trials on commercial and sport fishing vessels.
  4. Provide information and on-farm technical support in establishing and managing threadfin and milkfish nursery and growout systems.