Project Details

Disease Management in Hawaiian Aquaculture, Year 10

August 1, 2002

LocationFundingInstitutionPrincipal Investigator(s)
American Samoa $88,346 Hawaii Aquaculture Development Program and University of Hawaii at Manoa J. Corbin, D. Montgomery-Brock, T. Lewis, and Y. Lu
  1. Establish a low dose, long- term treatment for ectoparasites, using hydrogen peroxide in a treatment regime similar to that which is available with formalin. Efficacious and safe treatment levels using hydrogen peroxide will be established for three species of fish, Chinese catfish (Clarius fuscus), Tilapia (no species yet), and the yellow tang (Zebrasoma Flavescens). Articles will be published in the CTSA Regional Notes newsletter, detailing the efficacy of hydrogen peroxide on the three fish species listed.
  2. Complete the work on fish cell lines already established and in passage. Immortalize and maintain the cell lines for the identification of viral disease in both aquacultured and wild fish. During Year 10 we will report the relevant findings from new cell line cultures developed over the last four years as part of the CTSA Disease Management Project. A minimum of three review articles will be submitted for publication in peer review journals, detailing the establishment and characterization of cell lines established during the last four years.
  3. Conduct a minimum of six classes, focusing on fish health and best management practices. Transfer of this information will be done on-site in the classroom with the use of lectures, videos, and handouts.
  4. Identify the life stage of Cryptocaryon irritans (host-associated or free-swimming) best suited for generation of an expression library for use in an immunization protocol for Pacific Threadfin (moi) and initial characterization of Pacific threadfin (moi) antibodies. The initial findings from this research will be published in a short article in the CTSA Regional Notes Newsletter.
  5. To continue providing diagnostic support and pathogen testing and disease surveillance services to fish and shrimp farms and commercial hatcheries in Hawaii.


Progress Report