Project Details

Evaluation of Tilapia Species and Varieties for Establishment of a Tilapia Hatchery in Guam, Year 01

July 1, 2001 - September 30, 2004

LocationFundingInstitutionPrincipal Investigator(s)
Guam $50,200 University of Guam D. Crisostomo

To establish a functional tilapia hatchery on Guam for a self-sufficient industry using the best two strains of improved tilapia identified by this project.

  1. Identify, obtain and import into Guam male seedstock of five strains of tilapia.
  2. Evaluate the growth rate, survival, food conversion, and dress out characteristics of these five strains under local conditions in both ponds and above ground tank systems.
  3. Obtain, import and raise to sexual maturity broodstock of the five strains for future determination of reproductive rates and estimation of the costs of fry production at the GADTC facility.


Progress Report