Project Details

Expansion and Diversification of Freshwater Tropical Fish and Ornamental Plants Culture, Year 03

July 1, 1997

LocationFundingInstitutionPrincipal Investigator(s)
Hawaii $110,000 University of Hawaii Sea Grant Extension Service and University of Hawaii at Manoa C. Tamaru, R. Bailey, C. Brown, B. Cole, and H. Ako
  1. Amplify and distribute high health broodstock to commercial culturists in Hawaii.
  2. Confirm stocking densities for at least two ornamental species that result in optimal growth and survival.
  3. Demonstrate out of season maturation and spawning of at least one freshwater ornamental fish species (i.e. rainbow or redtail sharks).
  4. Demonstrate optimal stocking densities of one ornamental fish species in a commercially available recirculating system and determine economic feasibility.
  5. Complete a paper study of aquatic ornamental plants that hold potential for culture in Hawaii.
  6. Conduct technical workshops, provide on-site extension, verbal consultations and literature to develop ornamental fish culture in Hawaii.