Project Details

Expert System Disease Module for Hawaiian Aquaculture, Year 01

July 1, 1990

LocationFundingInstitutionPrincipal Investigator(s)
Hawaii $17,126 University of Hawaii at Manoa and Hawaii Aquaculture Development Program S. Itoga, J. Brock, and D. Coleman
  1. Determine the aquaculture species to be included in the Hawaiian Expert System Disease Module.
  2. Gather and collate the available published and unpublished information on infectious and non-infectious diseases and syndromes and related topics (husbandry, water quality, and feeds and feeding) for the selected aquaculture species to be incorporated into the Hawaiian Aquaculture Disease Module.
  3. Identify, adapt, and test an existing computer programming system that can be used to communicate aquaculture disease module information. If a suitable system is not available, formulate one adequate for the needs of the aquaculture disease module.
  4. Incorporate the information on diseases into the system.
  5. Distribute the preliminary program to representative industry and research personnel for review and comment. Modify the expert system based on the feed-back received. Finalize the expert system and distribute to the aquaculture industry.