Project Details

Improvement of Growth Rates in Cultured Chinese Catfish, Year 01

July 1, 1994

LocationFundingInstitutionPrincipal Investigator(s)
American Samoa $55,000 University of Hawaii at Manoa A. Fast and H. Ako

The overall objective is to develop improved Chinese catfish culture techniques, which result in reduced production costs, greater growth rates, greater survival, lower feed conversion ratios and more reliable production. The specific objectives associated with that goal are to:

  1. Develop methods for reliably producing triploid (3N) catfish using cold shock treatment of fertilized eggs.
  2. Compare survival, growth, FCR and condition of normal diploid (2N) and triploid catfish.
  3. Determine intrinsic, diel feeding patterns of diploid and triploid catfish during growout to market size using demand feeders and data loggers.
  4. Conduct subsequent feeding trials based on observed feeding patterns (No. 3 above). The trials will allow catfish to feed either in synchrony with their intrinsic feeding patters and at other times that differ significantly with these intrinsic patterns. Compare growth rates, survival and FCR of the different feeding regimes.
  5. Compare growth rates, survival, FCR and disease resistance of Chinese catfish fed with Rangen floating trout chow, Rangen sinking trout chow and a Moore-Clark chow formulation for mahi mahi. Analyze chemical composition of feeds.
  6. Conduct technology transfer to the aquaculture community in Hawaii through workshops, collaborative research and publications.