Project Details

Investigation of Mullet Net-Pen Stocking Densities in Coastal Fishponds for a Stock Enhancement Nursery Program, Year 01

July 1, 1991

LocationFundingInstitutionPrincipal Investigator(s)
Hawaii $28,700 Oceanic Institute, Hawaii Division of Aquatic Resources, and Pacific Aquaculture K. Leber, R. Nishimoto, and M. Brooks
  1. Determine effective and efficient net-pen designs for mullet nursery systems in shallow, tidal-exchange, in-shore ponds.
  3. Determine optimal stocking density for juvenile mullet in coastal net pens.
  5. Compare growth and survival of juvenile mullet in net pens with land-based tank culture.
  7. Establish preliminary economic data for use in analysis of the cost of net-pen operations and production.
  9. Synthesize available literature and data on Hawaiian fishponds (in reference to socio-economic feasibility issues) related to their use as a stock enhancement resource