Project Details

Marine Finfish Aquaculture Development in the Northern Marianas Islands

July 1, 2010

LocationFundingInstitutionPrincipal Investigator(s)
Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands $70,551 Oceanic Institute, Northern Mariana College CREES Chad Callan, Ph.D.
  1. Convene a local stakeholders meeting to get a practical representation of the aquaculture industry and industry potential for marine finfish culture in the CNMI and select the most appropriate species for training and culture development.
  2. Conduct marine finfish training workshop in Hawaii on marine finfish culture.
  3. Write a technical reference guide for marine finfish culture.
  4. Generate a wrap-up report on the status and opportunities for marine finfish culture in the CNMI for use in proposing future collaboration in development of a marine finfish aquaculture sector in CNMI.