Project Details

Marine Food Fish Seedstock Production, Year 02

July 1, 1999

LocationFundingInstitutionPrincipal Investigator(s)
Hawaii $135,000 Oceanic Institute and University of Hawaii at Manoa A. Ostrowski and P.S. Leung
  1. Maintain Pacific threadfin, milkfish, and crimson snapper broodstock.
  2. Produce 250,000 threadfin and 100,000 milkfish fingerlings for distribution to qualified farmers.
  3. Refine disease-free certification program for finfish larvae and improve fry quality.
  4. Begin to domesticate Pacific threadfin for aquaculture and produce a selected line for increased growth.
  5. Determine cost structure and profitability of milkfish growout in Hawaii.
  6. Continue phased fry payment schedule and expand program to other areas of the Pacific taking into account site-specific, economic, and genetic considerations.
  7. Evaluate other bottomfish species as potential aquaculture candidates and develop broodstock capabilities as money and fish become available.