Project Details

Marine Ornamental Fish Culture and Conservation

July 1, 1997

LocationFundingInstitutionPrincipal Investigator(s)
Hawaii $49,200 University of Hawaii at Manoa C. Brown
  1. We will collect living larvae just prior to settlement and return them to the laboratory, where they will be reared to marketable size. Alternative methods of collection will be evaluated and the location and abundance of larvae that we sample will be documented. The cost and efficiency of producing marketable fish this way will be projected using data generated in the project. We will concentrate, at least at first, on highly desirable species including the Lemonpeel angelfish (Centropyge flavissimus) and the flame angelfish (C. loriculus). Growout diets which support excellent pigmentation will be tested.
  2. A greenwater culture system primed with actively-photosynthesizing monocellular algae and nutrient-enriched oyster trocophores will be maintained. We will test the suitability of this basic marine larviculture system for rearing as many species as possible, using eggs and larvae produced by fish spawning naturally within the Waikiki Aquarium’s display tanks.
  3. A prioritized list of species will be developed, ranking Hawaiian marine ornamental fishes on the basis of market value, demand, and various reproductive and developmental parameters. The goal will be to organize target species for aquaculture development into a prioritized list in order to help coordinate research and development efforts. This list will present our best analysis of the aquaculture potential of ornamental reef fishes, taking into account all of the major economic and biological determinants of profitability.
  4. The required Technology Transfer component of the project will take the form of publication of any useful results in international journals. In addition, we will provide animals from objectives 1 & 2 to any farmers properly set up for the cultivation of marine ornamentals, along with technical assistance as needed.