Project Details

National Coordinator for Aquaculture New Animal Drug Applications, Year 03

July 1, 1997

LocationFundingInstitutionPrincipal Investigator(s)
Hawaii $10,000 Michigan State University R. Schnick, T. Batterson
  1. Interest major pharmaceutical firms in developing their products, especially broadspectrum antibacterial compounds, for aquaculture.
  2. Pursue new animal drug application sponsors for benzocaine, copper sulfate, Cutrine-Plus, diquat dibromide, erythromycin, fumagillin, potassium permanganate, and LHRHa and work with them to obtain approvals.
  3. Coordinate approval activities for amoxicillin, chloramine-T, common carp pituitary, copper sulfate, Earth Tec, hydrogen peroxide, 17??methyltestosterone, oxytetracycline and sarafloxacin.