Project Details

Pacific Regional Aquaculture Information Service For Education (PRAISE)

July 1, 2007

LocationFundingInstitutionPrincipal Investigator(s)
Hawaii $25,000

University of Hawaii

K. Anderson, A. Hashimoto and C.S. Lee


  1. Compile bibliographies on aquaculture related business and technical resources and digitize appropriate non-copyrighted documents or link websites. Topics currently being researched include: hatcheries, regulatory information, and biosecurity. This will be a multiyear project and is being done collaboratively with UH Hilo.
  2. Continue to catalog and digitize the papers of the University of Hawaii’s Marine Option Program (MOP). Many of these projects examine water quality, coastlines and estuaries, fishponds and mangroves, and reef resources in Hawaii and the Pacific and contain baseline data which is unavailable elsewhere. The MOP has been ongoing for over 20 years and generates new papers every semester. It will take at least another year to complete the catalog and digitize all the papers currently on hand. It will be ongoing with the addition of each new report submission.
  3. Continue to provide established services.
  4. Technology transfer.