Project Details

Potential Drugs and Chemotherapeutants for Marine Shrimp Production: Selection, Evaluation, and Approval Processes, Year 06

July 1, 1992

LocationFundingInstitutionPrincipal Investigator(s)
Hawaii $110,501 University of Arizona, John Controulis Ph.D., Inc., University of Hawaii at Manoa, and Hawaii Aquaculture Development Program D.V. Lightner, R. Williams, J. Controulis, R. Fujioka, and J. Brock
  1. Identify and test compounds likely to be effective against shrimp diseases that have been identified as treatable. Compounds will be selected based upon their reported efficacy, their potential to receive government approval under current federal regulations, and the manufacturer’s interest in sponsoring studies.
  3. With contractual and financial cooperation from one or more industry sponsors, obtain approval for the selected compound(s) from the appropriate federal government agency.