Apr 30, 2019

Regional e-Notes: April Letter from the Director

Aloha & Happy Earth Month!

As I reflect on the annual celebration of Earth Day & Month, my thoughts center on the importance of using our precious natural resources wisely and effectively.

Aquaculture plays an increasingly essential role in the global food supply. As our aquaculture industry continues to expand, we have many opportunities to impact the planet, and it is up to us to ensure that those impacts are positive. One area that CTSA has paid increasing attention to is extending the lifetime and value of all available resources. A recently completed project utilized nutrient-rich effluent water from tofu production to produce a fungal biomass ingredient for aquaculture feeds. The ingredient proved to be viable, and the tofu producer was pleased to have a new product from the effluent water that would otherwise have to be treated before discharge.

If we are going to reach our full potential as an industry, we must create new ways to use underutilized resources. A great example of this in the aquaculture value and supply chain is chefs who cook with seafood parts that are typically considered unusable.

Just as communities should strive to reduce single-use plastics and other unsustainable products to help preserve the environment, the aquaculture industry should strive to reduce waste in its production and development efforts. I encourage you to think about innovative ways to do this and hope you will consider sharing your thoughts with us.

This month’s issue contains the FY19 Request for Pre-Proposals, and I am hopeful that some of you will submit project ideas aimed at innovative and effective use of underutilized resources.


Cheng-Sheng Lee, Ph.D.
Executive Director, CTSA