Jul 30, 2019

Regional e-Notes: July Letter from the Director


July has been a busy month for the CTSA team! After our IAC and TC discussed and voted on the pre-proposals we received in response to our ‘FY19 Request for Pre-Proposals,’ CTSA sent out requests for full proposals. We are looking forward to reading the expanded ideas of the Principle Investigators in the coming weeks. I also just returned from a trip to Majuro, where I checked in with our ongoing CTSA rabbitfish and moi projects. Next month’s issue of e-Notes will feature an article highlighting the trip and training activities, but I would like to take a moment now to extend my sincere appreciation to Ryan Murashige—the Majuro-based PI who is leading the current rabbitfish training—for his dedication to improving lives and aquaculture production in the Pacific Islands.

As we move forward in our FY19 development process and the overall development of our program, my thoughts are centered on the future of seafood. We are all aware that there is growing need for sustainable solutions to feed the world’s growing population. Rather than compare aquaculture to fisheries, the two industries need to collaborate to achieve our shared mission to increase the seafood supply.

Together with other innovative methods and technologies, especially those focused on reducing and re-utilizing waste, we can help reach one of the fundamental goals of aquaculture farming: increasing the seafood supply.

Protecting the ocean is another fundamental goal of aquaculture farming. We have many unique opportunities to supply the growing demand for seafood while reducing impacts on precious and finite natural resources. I look forward to continuing discussions and developing collaborative efforts with you, our stakeholders, to address these important goals.

Cheng-Sheng Lee, Ph.D.
Executive Director, CTSA