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Fish…pay no attention to political boundaries”: Tilapia and travel in the making of today’s Indo-Pacific, featuring Dr. Anthony Medrano, organized by the UHM Department of Asian Studies and co-sponsored by the UHM Department of Pacific Island Studies, Center for Southeast Asian Studies, and Center for Indo-Pacific Affairs
Fish…pay no attention to political boundaries

Video from CTSA-funded project “Virtual Reality Experience for Increasing Engagement in Aquaculture
This project combines 360-degree video footage and interactive virtual reality elements to create an engaging and informative virtual tour of the Finfish Hatchery operation at the Oceanic Institute of HPU featuring four main areas: the Hatchery, Copepod Lab, Adult Fish Tanks, and Algae Lab. Contact us for a downloadable ZIP file of the project executable to launch the app in your VR system.
Virtual Reality Tour of the Oceanic Institute Aquaculture Facility

Video from CTSA-funded project “Nanobubble Aquaponics
Researchers from CTAHR of the University of Hawaii at Manoa recently produced a short informational video highlighting their work of the project:
Nanobubble Aquaponics 

The following video series are presented as part of the MERIP/PACRC Beginning Farmers and Ranchers Development Program under the Principal Investigator: Simon Ellis, Director of MERIP and Co-Principal Investigator: Maria Haws, Professor of Aquaculture, PACRC/UH Hilo.
1) Getting Started in Aquaculture
2) Fish Aquaculture series Part 1:  Introduction: Tilapia and Freshwater Fish Aquaculture
3) Fish Aquaculture series Part 2:  Fish Nutrition and Feeds: Formulations and On-farm Manufacture
4) Fish Aquaculture series Part 3:  Fish breeding and hatcheries & Marketing and by-products
5) Introduction to Aquaculture permitting
6) Shellfish Culture Opportunities for Hawaii
7) Oyster Gardening and Restorative Aquaculture