These videos are presented as part of the MERIP/PACRC Beginning Farmers and Ranchers Development Program under the Principal Investigator: Simon Ellis, Director of MERIP and Co-Principal Investigator: Maria Haws, Professor of Aquaculture, PACRC/UH Hilo.

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1) Getting Started in Aquaculture
2) Fish Aquaculture series Part 1:  Introduction: Tilapia and Freshwater Fish Aquaculture
3) Fish Aquaculture series Part 2:  Fish Nutrition and Feeds: Formulations and On-farm Manufacture
4) Fish Aquaculture series Part 3:  Fish breeding and hatcheries & Marketing and by-products
5) Introduction to Aquaculture permitting
6) Shellfish Culture Opportunities for Hawaii
7) Oyster Gardening and Restorative Aquaculture