Mar 31, 2024

Farm Bill Advocacy Update from National Aquaculture Association

The National Aquaculture Association (NAA) has released a fact sheet containing their priorities for the 2024 Federal Farm Bill. Click here to read. Continue Reading »
Mar 29, 2024

CTSA is Seeking Your Input on Regional Aquaculture Development

Join us at our virtual listening session on April 10! Time: 12pm Pacific Time Location: ZOOM LINK BELOW CTSA is gathering input on regional aquaculture development and would like to hear from you, our valued industry stakeho Continue Reading »
Feb 29, 2024

CTSA 2023 Project Summaries

The following report contains 2-page summaries of CTSA projects that were active during 2023. This report is part of the larger Annual Accomplishment Report that CTSA sends to the USDA each year. 2023 AAR Summaries (PDF) Continue Reading »
Jan 1, 2024

CTSA 2024 Schedule

March 5, 2024 Board of Directors approves FY23 Plan of Work March 15, 2024 FY23 Plan of Work sent to USDA April 30, 2024 Call for FY24 Pre-Proposals May 15, 2024 Mid-Term Status Reports due to CTSA June 10, 2024  Pre-proposals due for CTSA FY24 Plan of Work July 11, Continue Reading »
Dec 18, 2023

Participate Now in the USDA 2023 Census of Aquaculture

The U.S. Department of Agriculture National Agricultural Statistics Service (NASS) has mailed the 2023 Census of Aquaculture to all producers who indicated in their 2022 Census of Agriculture that they produce and sell aquaculture products. The deadline to respond has been extended to March 1, 2024. Continue Reading »
Sep 30, 2023

Advancing Aquatic Animal Health Diagnostic Testing in Hawaii

Authors: RuthEllen Klinger-Bowen, Research Corporation University of Hawaii at Manoa, Karin Kurkjian, College of Tropical Agriculture and Human Resources University of Hawaii at Manoa, Taylor Peterson, College of Tropical Agriculture and Human Resources University of Hawaii, Krista Ann Lee, Hawa Continue Reading »
Aug 31, 2023

Register Now! Feasibility of Feed Mill Operation in Hawaii End Users Input Workshop, October 26, 2023

Hawai’i is the most remote archipelago on Earth; close to 90% of its food, including seafood, is imported. Hawai’i has the water resources and favorable climate conditions for aquaculture development. However, aquaculture development in the islands has faced several roadblocks. A recent survey c Continue Reading »
Jun 29, 2023

Survey: CTSA-funded Macroalgae Project Seeks Consumer Feedback on Limu

The CTSA project “Next Steps in Culture of Native Hawaiian Macroalgae: Scale-up and Market Analysis” is growing several species of native limu at the Pacific Aquaculture and Coastal Resources Center in Hilo, Hawaii. In addition to scaling up production capacity, an critical part of the p Continue Reading »
Jun 27, 2023

New Publication from CTSA Fungal Filters Project

The ongoing CTSA project “Developing a Biofiltration System with Fungal Filters for Sustainable and Economical Harvesting of Microalgae” has published a review article in the journal Energies (*full citation below). Several authors of the article “Microalgal Consortia for Waste Tre Continue Reading »
May 31, 2023

CTSA Professional Development Opportunity for Hawaii HS Teachers

CTSA is offering High School teachers a unique opportunity to participate in an all-expenses paid 3 day/2 night professional development workshop on Hawai’i Island in July. Participating teachers will be provided with airfare, accommodations, meals, and transportation to and from the following act Continue Reading »
Apr 29, 2023

CTSA FY23 Request for Pre-Proposals

CTSA is pleased to release the FY2023 Request for Pre-Proposals. The Request lists the top priority areas and species as identified by industry stakeholders in Hawaii and the U.S. Affiliated Pacific Islands, as well as instructions for submitting a pre-proposal by the deadline of 5pm HST on Monday, Continue Reading »
Feb 16, 2023

CTSA 2022 Annual Accomplishment Report

The following report contains 2-page summaries of CTSA projects that were active during 2022. This report is part of the larger Annual Accomplishment Report that CTSA sends to the USDA each year. 2022 AAR Summaries (PDF) Continue Reading »