Jun 1, 2012

Marine Finfish Hatchery Training Workshop at Oceanic Institute, August 6-18, 2012

On August 6-18, 2012, the Oceanic Institute Finfish Department will conduct a workshop for aquaculture technicians and farmers from the U.S. Affiliated Pacific Islands. The workshop is part of a CTSA-sponsored project to establish marine finfish farming in the CNMI and surrounding region. Only applicants from the CNMI, Guam, Palau, FSM, and American Samoa are eligible to participate.

Hands-on, intensive training sessions will include:
- Broodstock husbandry
- Feeding, sex determination, tagging, spawning, egg quality criteria, egg
collection & health maintenance
- Live feeds production
- Production systems for algae, rotifers & Artemia
- Larval rearing
- System design, operation, stocking, feeding, harvest
- Water quality, tank management & maintenance
- Nursery/Grow-out Systems
- System configuration, operation, feeding & management

Participants will be provided with a new manual, outlining all of the techniques and procedures covered in the training. Sessions will run 0800-1700 daily.The workshop is free, however participants are responsible for their own transportation to/from the location, as well their accommodations while on Oahu. To register for the workshop, contact Dr. Chad Callan at (808) 259-3149 or .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address). There is very limited space available, so please register as soon as possible!