It is among the Center’s priorities to educate the next generation about aquaculture and inspire them to consider joining the regional workforce, so we developed the A.Q.U.A. (A Quest to Understand Aquaculture) education program.

The following is a compilation of CTSA-developed curriculum and other relevant aquaculture and sustainable seafood-focused curricula and educational resources from across the U.S.

Click here to download the complete A.Q.U.A. curriculum (Published 2011)
Click here to download the package of new lessons released in 2023

A.Q.U.A. Sections / Themes

Section 1: Introduction to Aquaculture

Section 2: The Business of Aquaculture

Section 3: Aquaculture in Practice

Section 4: History of Aquaculture

Section 5: Aquaculture and Human Nutrition
Recommended Supplemental Curricula: This A.Q.U.A. Section is intended to be a regional supplement to the University of Idaho’s comprehensive ‘Seafood At It’s Best’ curriculum:

Recommended Resources
Hawaii Seafood Fish ID
Keeping Hawaii Seafood Sustainable
CTAHR: An Overview of Seafood Consumption and Supply Sources: Hawai’i Versus U.S.
FDA Seafood Nutrition Facts
10 Tips to Help You Eat More Seafood
NIH Omega 3 Fatty Acids Fact Sheet for Consumer
Hawaii State Department of Health: A Local Guide to Eating Fish Safely
Keeping Hawaii Seafood Safe to Eat
FDA Advice About Eating Fish