Location Funding Institution Principal Investigator(s)
Hawaii $17,198 University of Hawaii at Mānoa Jinzeng Yang, PhD and Harry Ako, PhD

Overall Goals
To utilize aquaponics to sustainably grow food while providing Kahauiki village residents with a sense of pride in operating their own food production system, increased self-esteem, and an expanded work ethic. At the same time, this project will carry out the CTSA mission by demonstrating established technology in an underserved island community.

1. Build an aquaponics demonstration unit that is highly innovative in its method and design. Operate the unit for 2-3 crops.
2. Refresh operational training for the IHS staff, and train villagers to operate the unit well enough so they may become aquaponics technicians in the future.
3. Prepare and distribute a simplified instruction workbook for villagers to collect data with and use as an instruction manual.