Location Funding Institution Principal Investigator(s)
Hawaii $73,424 University of Hawaii Sea Grant College Program R. Howerton
  1. Determine which Hawaiian bivalve species represent the best potential for culture. Conduct preliminary spawning, hatchery, nursery, and growout trials in a laboratory setting for three native Hawaiian species determined as having the most potential.
  2. Determine whether permits can be obtained to culture established, non-native bivalves in open waters, and, if successful, conduct growout trials with these species in fishponds.
  3. Building on preliminary efforts, conduct a study to collect economic and market data on bivalves for mainland United States, Asia, and Europe.
  4. Develop two pilot bivalve growout sites on Moloka`i for use in demonstration growth trials and as possible future commercial growout sites.
  5. Technology transfer, including publication of hatchery and growout manuals on Hawaiian bivalve culture.