Location Funding Institution Principal Investigator(s)
Hawaii $93,000 University of Hawai`i Hilo Maria Haws, Ph.D.

Overall Goals
Address issues related to diversification, genetic selection, biosecurity and broodstock development to support the growing Hawai`i shellfish industry.

1. Refine existing hatchery methods for C. sikamea and produce at least two family lines to prevent inbreeding in broodstock reserves. Years 1-2.
2. Develop at least two family lines and disease-free reserves of Crassostrea virginica, using broodstock sourced from Washington State or from Hawai`i. Years 1-2.
3. Scale up production of D. sandvicencis and produce at least two family lines. Resume selective breeding efforts to achieve faster growth rates and larger size. Years 1-2.
4. Develop broodstock reserves for all three species, with pools of each distributed among three islands as a safety measure in case OsHV-1 or other disease spreads to Hawai`i. Broodstock reserves will consist of 200 to 300 specimens for each species. Year 1-2.
5. Conduct outreach through publication of fact sheets for the hatchery methods for the three species. We will also hold a stakeholder meeting to assess the new needs for the Hawai`i shellfish industry. Year 2.