Location Funding Institution Principal Investigator(s)
Hawaii $156,000 Oceanic Institute, Big Island Abalone Corp. Warren Dominy, Ph.D.
    Year 1
  1. Identify pigments and analyze the nutrient content contained in Ezo shell, local seaweeds and/or algae co-products and feed ingredients used in making the abalone test diets.
  2. Formulate two test diets to be fed in combination with and without Pacific dulse.
  3. Conduct a feeding trial and evaluate the test diets based on growth and pigmentation of Ezo abalone shell.
  4. Year 2
  5. Reformulate abalone test diets to commercially viable feeds without feeding Pacific dulse.
  6. Evaluate the two (2) diets in a field trial based on growth performance and pigmentation of Ezo abalone shell and an economic evaluation of diets under commercial conditions.
  7. Conduct a workshop on pigments in abalone shell, seaweed, algae and feed ingredients, abalone feed formulation using local whole algae and algae defatted co-products and abalone feed manufacturing technology.