Location Funding Institution Principal Investigator(s)
Hawaii $199,297 Oceanic Institute Dong-Fang Deng, Ph.D.
  1. Create a database of local ingredients including levels of nutrient and nutrient digestibility (for selective ingredients) evaluated in tilapia (Year-1) and Pacific thread fin (Year 2).
  2. Develop scientifically sound feed formulations based on local ingredients for tilapia (Year 1) and Pacific threadfin (Year 2).
  3. Develop a calibration library of nutrient information for Near-infrared spectroscopy system (NIRS) as a fast and inexpensive tool to measure nutritional parameters in local ingredients or feeds.
  4. Organize workshops to provide training and research updates on local feeds production for farmers, producers or researchers in Hawaii (Year 1) and Guam (Year 2).
  5. Technology Transfer: Publish results in Regional Notes by CTSA, present findings at Aquaculture meetings and publish papers in peer reviewed journals or aquaculture magazines.