Location Funding Institution Principal Investigator(s)
Hawaii $110,000 Oceanic Institute, Hawaii Aquaculture Development Program, and University of Hawaii at Manoa A. Ostrowski, D. Toda, and P.S. Leung
  1. Maintain broodstock and provide 250,000 seedstock threadfin to participating qualified farms to prime industry development and expand production on existing farms.
  2. Provide a spreadsheet template to enable farmers to calculate economic costs of threadfin production, and identify site-specific opportunities to improve operational efficiency.
  3. Produce a promotional brochure and value-added gill tags for threadfin, and provide market-size fish to media events and distribution outlets for evaluation and exposure to expand local and export markets.
  4. Maintain broodstock and provide 100,000 seedstock milkfish to participating qualified farms to prime industry development.
  5. Conduct extensive rearing trials for production of milkfish fry to provide a low-cost alternative for seedstock production.
  6. Provide general guidelines, information, and technical advice to participating farms for growout of threadfin and milkfish, and produce a technical pamphlet on growout of threadfin for use by farmers to ensure technology transfer.