Location Funding Institution Principal Investigator(s)
Palau $297,400 Oceanic Institute Chatham K. Callan, Ph.D

Project Objectives:

Year 1
1. Establish and maintain broodstock populations of coral grouper and monitor egg production at BMR and PCC facilities.
2. Establish cultures of Parvocalanus copepods at PCC hatchery for use in testing on grouper larvae.
3. Optimize and refine culture methods for suitable species of copepods for testing on grouper.

Year 2
4. Continue evaluation of broodstock maturation over multiple spawning cycles.
5. Provide training workshop on intensive copepod production and hatchery methods.
6. Establish optimal feeding protocol for coral grouper larvae.

Year 3
7. Provide onsite copepod-based, grouper culture training at Palau hatchery.
8. Create a technical manual for the use of copepods in grouper culture.
9. Conduct final workshop to review project accomplishments and discuss future opportunities.