Location Funding Institution Principal Investigator(s)
Federated States of Micronesia $15,671 Marshall Islands Marine Resources Authority R. Bush
  1. Continue lagoon nursery operations in Majuro lagoon (originally begun by the Marshall’s Community Action Agency (MCAA) with a grant from the International Foundation) for 1–3 year old juveniles, including purchase of clam seed from RRE-Mili. As outer islands lack the infrastructure to conduct the necessary intensive operations from 1–3 year old clams, this needs to be done in Majuro where there is access to compressors to fill tanks, purchase engine, and boat parts, etc.
  2. Begin outer-island nurseries in the outer-lying atolls to grow-out three-year-old juveniles up to harvestable size. Scuba operations are not necessary at this age.
  3. Train and educate outer-island communities about modern aquaculture techniques through the establishment of nurseries.
  4. Develop a giant clam culture training manual.