Location Funding Institution Principal Investigator(s)
Hawaii $52,730

University of Hawaii Sea Grant College Program

J. Szyper

  1. To complete the first growth comparison trials, begun in Year 1 of the Hawaii component with extension to approximately 400 g final fish size. The original objective was stated: “To obtain at least three existing commercial tilapia stocks from within the state (one each from Oahu, Hawaii, and Maui islands), and to perform the first growth comparison trial between in-state and imported stocks (both species if permits are granted). Also, to send fingerling O. aureus to Oahu for comparison trials there. Deliverable: Description of trial, photos of fish, written results and interpretation. Accomplishment stated and photos reproduced for project reports, workshops, newsletters, etc.”
  2. To obtain at least two additional in-state stocks and to perform further experimental comparisons of growth potential.
  3. To distribute fingerlings of imported O. aureus stocks (O. niloticus is not permitted for distribution from the farm) to interested businesses for on-site testing, under terms to be established with community input, avoiding interference with markets. This item may begin late in Year 1 if sufficient fish are available after allocation to growth trials.
  4. To integrate the work on importation, quarantine, growth comparisons and stock maintenance protocols into a manual on best management practices, and to offer public workshops covering this information during the last half of the project.
Progress Report