Location Funding Institution Principal Investigator(s)
Palau $92,268 Palau Community College Miguel Delos Santos

Overall Project Goal

The project’s overall goal is to improve upon existing rabbitfish culture technologies in Palau with the main objectives of improving hatchery survival and increasing subsequent fingerling production of these highly important species in the USAPI region.


Year 1
1. Refine broodstock holding and egg handling techniques for Siganus lineatus to facilitate more reliable egg supply and hatchery production.
2. Improve larval rearing protocols for Siganus lineatus to increase larval survival and production of juveniles.

Year 2
3. Scale up production of Siganus lineatus and to provide sufficient number of juveniles for subsequent grow-out at local farms.
4. Provide onsite training to local stakeholders on rabbitfish broodstock handling and hatchery production methods