Location Funding Institution Principal Investigator(s)
Hawaii $70,000 Oceanic Institute C. Laidley

Year 1:

  1. Complete industry survey of algal production requirements.
  3. Generate a current review of available algal bioreactor systems examining costs of setup and operation for publication in CTSA notes.
  5. Commission pilot-scale algae production system(s) to evaluate actual cost and ease of setup.
  7. Conduct on-site operation and testing of algal photo-bioreactors with several species of marine and freshwater microalgae.
  9. Provide education and training to the aquaculture industry through workshops, fact sheets, and continuing education programs at the new Oceanic Institute Learning Center.

Year 2 (contingent on results of Year 1):

  1. Complete comparative cost analysis of plate and cylinder-based photo-bioreactors for comparison to classical tank-based batch culture production systems.
  3. Review the performance of algal photo-bioreactors in commercial settings on multiple islands in Hawaii and the Pacific.
  5. Conduct workshops at multiple sites in Hawaii and the Pacific.
  7. Establish permanent demonstration systems at the Oceanic Institute Learning Center for continued long-term use in training of industry and students.


Progress Report