Location Funding Institution Principal Investigator(s)
Hawaii $82,618 University of Hawaii at Hilo Karla J. McDermid, PhD and Maria Haws, PhD

Overall Goals
1. Provide scientifically tested cultivation information for suitable native species to grow for commercial applications.
2. Increase the number of native species in cultivation.
3. Address the economic aspects of commercial production of native species.
4. Scale-up product of native species to pilot commercial scale production.
5. Train people to grow marine macroalgae.

1. To determine market acceptance, market preference, market size (demand), and acceptable market price for macroalgal species currently in culture at PACRC.
2. Based on results from the market and profitability analysis (Objective 1), to increase pro-duction of the top two or three species.
3. To continue to use our existing small-scale facilities for limu culture to conduct experiments on other native species that have the most market potential and new farmer interest.
4. To provide outreach information for stakeholders and provide training for future aquacul-turalists.