Location Funding Institution Principal Investigator(s)
Hawaii $151,800 Oceanic Institute of HPU and Palau Community College Chatham K. Callan, PhD and Miguel Delos Santos

Overall Goal
The project’s overall goals are to further refine and optimize the production technology for Coral Grouper and to help determine the economic feasibility for producing this species.
Year 1
1. Maintain and expand broodstock populations of coral grouper and monitor egg production at OI.
2. Evaluate the grow-out of coral grouper fingerlings on shore.
3. Refine hatchery technology to further improve survival and efficiency of coral grouper fingerling production.

Year 2
4. Continue evaluation of broodstock maturation, including F1 stocks, over multiple spawning cycles.
5. Continue to evaluate the grow-out of coral grouper fingerlings on shore and complete cost of production analysis. 
6. Conduct final workshop to review project accomplishments and discuss future opportunities.