Location Funding Institution Principal Investigator(s)
Hawaii $74,510 University of Hawaii at Manoa K. Anderson, A. Hashimoto, and C.-S. Lee


  1. Identify methods or resources to facilitate aquaculture education in the Pacific which could be produced or distributed through regional libraries.
  2. Continue support for the educational series on aquaculture techniques being developed by University of Hawaii at Hilo faculty.
  3. Maintain a listserv for Pacific aquaculture.
  4. Continue to provide established services.


  1. Inform educators and industry members of pertinent aquaculture information, and update them on the status of aquaculture in the region through various forms of media.
  2. Inform the aquaculture community and interested parties of the progress of CTSA projects in relation to our mission through the dissemination of our and other publications.
Final Report