Location Funding Institution Principal Investigator(s)
Hawaii $35,000 Oceanic Institute C. Laidley

The goal of this project is to develop a reliable and cost-effective protocol for handling and transport of Pacific threadfin fingerlings at the appropriate age (D50 to 60) and size (~3 g) for stocking in offshore cages. This research will have direct application for the commercial movement of fingerlings from hatchery/nursery sites to the location of commercial grow out (both on- and offshore) operations.

  1. Compare standard bucket transfer versus the gravity-feed method for moving fingerlings from nursery to transport tanks.
  2. Setup a replicated small-scale experimental tank system to study and optimize transport conditions for small marine finfish fingerlings.
  3. Establish the effects of stocking density on survival time and quantitative changes in water quality parameters over time during simulated transport of Pacific threadfin fingerlings.
  4. Examine effects of adjusting water temperature, salinity and use of anesthetics during handling for purpose of increasing maximal transport density.


Progress Report