Location Funding Institution Principal Investigator(s)
Hawaii $165,000 University of Arizona, John Controulis Ph.D., Inc., University of Hawaii at Manoa, and Hawaii Aquaculture Development Program D.V. Lightner, T.A. Bell, J. Controulis, R. Fujioka, and J.A. Brock
  1. Define significant disease problems of penaeid shrimp hatchery, nursery, grow-out, and/or broodstock rearing facilities, and in particular those diseases that appear to be potentially treatable.
  2. Identify and test likely drugs and/or chemotherapeutants for the treatment of disorders or syndromes previously defined (in #1 above) as potentially treatable. Additional criteria for the selection of candidate compounds will be: reported efficacy, industry-sponsor interest, and potential for government approval under current Federal regulations.
  3. With contractual and financial cooperation from an industry sponsor(s), obtain approval for the selected compound(s) from the appropriate Federal government agency.
  4. Perform studies that will identify and lead to the approval of one or more drugs or chemotherapeutants, which can be administered, as the specific disease dictates, either via the water, bioencapsulated in a live food or incorporated in a dry prepared feed